Military Police header, April 03

April 03 front cover Articles

  • Emerging Nonlethal Weapons Technology and Strategic Policy Implications for 21st Century Warfare

  • Army Nonlethal Weapons/Scalable-Effects Program: A Think Piece

  • Nonlethal Weapons Requirements DefinitionA Difficult Task Requires a True Team Effort

  • Nonlethal Capabilities of the Future

  • The Picatinny Arsenal Story: Nonlethal Capabilities

  • The Evolution of the Army Combat ShotgunFrom the Blunderbuss to the Lightweight Shotgun System

  • A Nonlethal Ambush: A Capabilities Approach to the Future

  • Civil Disturbance Lessons Learned From Kosovo

  • Interservice Nonlethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course

  • Nonlethal Force and Rules of Engagement

  • Nonlethal Mortar Program

  • M1 Portable Vehicle-Arresting Barrier

  • Future Options for Nonlethal Artillery

  • Engineering the Nonlethal Artillery Projectile

  • United States Disciplinary BarracksOn the Move

  • Supporting LogisticsShort-Term Holding Facility at Kandahar Airfield

Special Features

  • Army's Best MP Back From Balkans

  • Nonlethal Weapons Protect the Force

  • Transforming Training Through the Increased Use of Distance Learning


  • Chief, Military Police Corps Regiment, and Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School

  • Regimental Command Sergeant Major

  • The U.S. Army Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame Ceremony

  • Honorary Colonel and Sergeant Major of the Regiment

  • 463d Military Police Company

  • 504th Military Police Battalion

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