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Military Police (ISSN 1554-9690), an official U.S. Army professional bulletin for the Military Police Corps Regiment, contains information about security and mobility support, police operations, and detention operations. The objectives of Military Police are to inform and motivate, increase knowledge, improve performance, and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. The content does not necessarily reflect the official U.S. Army position and does not change or supersede any information in other U.S. Army publications. Military Police reserves the right to edit material. Articles may be reprinted if credit is given to Military Police and the author. All photographs are official U.S. Army photographs unless otherwise credited.


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*Article deadline is 15 November 2014 for the Spring 2015 issue of Military Police*

Articles published from September 2003 through the present are available online in .pdf format. Articles from November 2000 through April 2003 are available digitally by request. Please include the title of the article(s) you wish to receive,  your organization or unit, and your reason for requesting the article.

Articles published from 1952 through May 2000 are also available by request. Most articles from this time frame are only available in a hard copy. Check the Index and submit the following information using this request link: 

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PB 19-14-2, Fall 2014

PB 19-14-1, Spring 2014

PB 19-13-2, Fall 2013

PB 19-13-1, Spring 2013

PB 19-12-2, Fall 2012

PB 19-12-1, Spring 2012

PB 19-11-2, Fall 2011

PB 19-11-1, Spring 2011

PB 19-10-2, Fall 2010

PB 19-10-1, Spring 2010

PB 19-09-2, Fall 2009

PB 19-09-1, Spring 2009

PB 19-08-2, Fall 2008

PB 19-08-1, Spring 2008

PB 19-07-2, Fall 2007

PB 19-07-1, Spring 2007

PB 19-06-2, Fall 2006



PB 19-06-1, April 2006

PB 19-05-2, October 2005

PB 19-05-1, April 2005

PB 19-04-2, October 2004

PB 19-04-1, April 2004

PB 19-03-2, September 2003

PB 19-03-1, April 2003

PB 19-02-2, September 2002

PB 19-02-1, March 2002

PB 19-01-1, May 2001

PB 19-00-2, November 2000

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