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Culture Grams

Culture Grams gives you a framework for understanding and appreciating how other people live and think. Contains versions for both adults and children.

You must have a library account to access Culture Grams outside the library, but you will need to pick up a database brochure from the library to do so. When prompted, enter the Culture Grams username and password from the brochure. We cannot give this information via text, e-mail, or telephone. We must do so in person after verifying you have a library account.

CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages Access

"How To Use" Training Videos for CL-150

Language learning software intended for serious learners, instructors and language program managers is now available at no charge to all US Government personnel and programs via the Department of Defense web portal, Joint Language University. Instructions can be found in the CL-150 links above.

CL-150 has a product called Rapid Rote, which has an app compatible with Apple and Android devices. Users must first register with CL-150 to use the app version.

Mobile Language Guide from Transparent Language

Mobile Language Guide is a FREE web app that allows users to easily locate and access a huge collection of language-learning resources. Access Mobile Language Guide by visiting from your iOS device. To access, Mobile Language Guide must be accessed from a mobile Apple device, not a laptop or desktop computer.

 AKO: My Library: Cultural Awareness

This page on AKO provides cultural and foreign language resources. It was created to assist Soldiers with Cultural Awareness assignments.

You will be promoted to log onto AKO. After login, you will be immediately directed to the "Cultural Awareness" Page.

General Bruce C. Clarke