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W elcome to the 14th MP Brigade

 Family Readiness Website


We are glad that you are a part of our Family.

The 14th MP Brigade has the important mission to train and provide combat ready, disciplined, motivated, physically fit and technically competent Warrior Police Soldiers and leaders to combatant commanders inculcated with the Army values and Warrior Ethos; capable of immediately contributing to their next unit's mission, and able to survive in any environment. 
When you support your spouse, you help accomplish this very important mission.

We value our Families a great deal and understand the daily sacrifices that you make as a military Family.  We want your time here to be enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Brigade can be reached by e-mailing if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You may also contact the Brigade

We encourage you to check out the Battalion links and connect with other cadre* spouses/families in your Battalion and begin receiving unit and community information.

If you are the family of a Soldier training with us, please click here for information just for you.

Jane Wayne Day (Cadre Spouses) 2011


When you come to a training Unit like the 14th MP Brigade, you may hear your Soldier referred to as a CADRE member. You may even hear the term "Cadre Spouse" or "Cadre Family".


So what exactly does that mean?

Cadre are all military, permanent party members or civilian personnel that command, supervise, instruct, train, or directly support IET Soldiers.

Your Soldier is part of a core group of elite trained personnel able to assume control and train others.

Learn more about what you can expect as a Cadre Family through the IET Cadre Spouse handbook below or watch the video on this page.




Download handbook





Student Spouse Library

US Army War College




MP Spouses in the news!

~ Jane Wayne Day 2011

~ FLW Families get a taste of Military Life








W hat to expect as a Cadre Family







Get acquainted with your new Unit Family and Community.

No matter how much you just want to curl up and hide away from the world, especially when you are new, and most likely, tired from moving your Family from clear across the country or world... it is important to get to know your surroundings and let others get to know you. Once you are ready other Unit Families can help you get to know the area and even introduce you to things that you may not have found on your own. How many times have you said "I wish I had known that when I first got here?"


You can start now by connecting on Facebook:




 Learn what it means to be in a Training Unit. 

You'll find that your experiences in a training Unit will be very different than what you might be used to. Learn what you can by watching the video above or downloading the IET Cadre Spouse Handbook. ACS also offers classes for Drill Sergeant / AIT Platoon Sergeant Spouses. Be sure to call them at 573-596-0212 and find out when the next class will be held.


Get to know your Soldier's Job and take "ownership" of the Unit Mission


You can "own" the mission by participating in spouse panels, informal Facebook support, taking part in Installation programs and activities, bring the kids to work day, MP "Jane Wayne" spouse days... If you can "own" the mission, it becomes easier to tolerate the conditions of your Soldier's assignment.


 Become Self-Reliant

The ultimate goal of Family Readiness is for families to become empowered to solve their own problems and be able to thrive in a military lifestyle. Take advantage of the many programs that ACS has to offer and take part in the Unit's Strongbonds retreats. Volunteer in the community or participate in youth programs.




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