Photograph/Illustration Guide

Photographs and illustrations contribute a great deal to the visual appeal of an article. When submitting
 them with your article, please keep the following in mind: 

        Photos appearing on the Internet usually have a resolution of only 72 dpi. They will look fine on a computer monitor, but will not reproduce
        well in print.  However, photos that are available for download as “high resolution” will probably meet the minimum requirements. Do not
        manipulate photos by sharpening, resizing, retouching, or cropping the image. Using a graphics software program (such as Adobe®
Photoshop) to increase the size and/or resolution of a small photo will not increase the quality of the photo so that it can be used in a printed
        publication. Do not compress photos. We will do all post production work. We will not publish photos that are pixilated or out of focus.

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