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Bona-fide Bachelors (E-1 to E-5)

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Bona-fide bachelors in the grade of E-1 to E-5 are assigned living quarters on Indiana Avenue or in the newly completed UEPH facilities.

Indiana Avenue assets are renovated family quarters that have been reallocated for use by single Service Members. They are completely furnished to include a washer and dryer. They are two, three or four private bedroom units with a shared living room, kitchen and latrine facilities.

The newly constructed UEPH facilities have five, two-Service Member units per facility. There are three units on the bottom level and two units on the top level. The units are completely furnished, to include washer/dryer, with two private bedrooms, shared kitchen and latrine facilities.

Occupants are responsible for ensuring the grounds around their assigned units are free of trash, debris and any other obstacles that would adversely impact appearance or grass mowing.

Unit integrity is maintained to the greatest extent practical.

Telephone, television, and internet services are available for purchase locally and each bedroom is equipped with necessary outlets.

Local Telephone Service - Century Link 1-800-788-3500 (DSL available in some areas)

Local Cable Company - Cable America (573) 336-5284 (High speed internet and phone service available)

Local Satellite Providers - Dish Network 1-800-937-9218 or Direct TV 1-800-280-4388