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 Summer 2008 (PB 3-08-1)

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90th Anniversary Regimental Week Agenda

Honoring Our Fallen Dragon Soldiers

Combined Microbiology Training in Support of New and Emerging Biowarfighting Capabilities

Decontamination Operations in a Mass Casualty Scenario: Observations From Ardent Sentry 2007

A "People Sniffer" Operation That Went Terribly Wrong

Joint Task Force Elimination Integration and Combined Elimination Team Training in the Republic of Korea

Improvised Explosive Device Defeat

CBRN Hazard Mitigation and Geospatial Data: A Synergistic Approach

CBRN Soldier Personifies Personal Courage, Places Mission First

Print Commemorates 90th Anniversary of the Chemical Corps

The Netherlands? What's Over There?

CBRN Transformation in the IBCT: Too Little Too Late?

U.S. Army Flamethrower Vehicles (Part Three of a Three-Part Series)

German Liaison Team Honored

Homemade Explosives and Hazardous Materials

Spartans Make Their Home in Texas

Inactivation of the 455th Chemical Brigade

Toward a Comprehensive National Incident Management System: "What Is" Versus "What Could Be"

The AN/PSS-14 Mine Detector Requires a License: Mine Detection Moves Into the Future


Chief of Chemical

Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Doctrine Update

2008 Writing Contest

Reserve Component Update

The Chemical Corps Vision

Book Reviews