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 Summer 2011 (PB 3-11-1)

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Implementing the ALC in the 84th Chemical Battalion:
Investing in Our Cadre, Students, and Trainees

The Profession of Arms and Professional Soldier
Campaign: What Does That Mean?

The Relevance of the Chemical Corps as a Deterrent

CBRN Officer Versus CBRN Warrant Officer

Leadership Opportunites for CBRN Officers--
Within and Outside Skill Sets

Mission Essential: A Perspective in the Development
of the Iraqi CDC

Alternatives for the Distribution of CBRN Soldiers
in an HBCT

The Wilcox Project

CBRN Specialist Graduates at the Top of His
Ranger School Class  

The Effectiveness of Combat Decontamination
Practices: A Firsthand Experience

Robotics and the Chemical Corps

HaMMER Advanced Technology Demonstration

Regimental Week and JIIM-IA Conference Agenda

The American Dream: The Story of Albanian
Genti Sulaj

Farewell to a True Dragon Soldier

World War II Hero Leaves a Chemical Legacy

Chemical Company Inactrivates

Publication Information


Chief of Chemical

Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Doctrine Update

Reserve Component Update


The Regimental Campaign Plan: an eight page insert containing the Chemical Corps Vision,
Chief of Chemical's Message, and the Campaign Plan Lines of Effort
(LOEs), Strategic Goals, and Objectives.