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 July-December 2006 (PB 3-06-2)

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Chief of Chemical

Regimental Command Sergeant Major


Dragon Soldiers Welcome New Leader

Confronting the Terrorist Dilemma

Ventilation Systems: A Terrorist Target of Opportunity or the First Line of Defense?

The Chemical Corps in 2020: Using Network-Enabled Operations to Interdict CBRN and TIC Releases

Chemical Warriors in the Philippine Campaign

Dragon's Challenge 2006

Slowed by Snow; Forged by Fire

Eliminating the Chemical Stockpile

The CB Battlefield Legacy: Understanding the Potential Problem of Clustered CB Weapons

Chemical School Receives Full Accreditation

Doctrine Update

2006 U.S. Army Chemical Corps Hall of Fame Inductees

2006 Distinguished Members of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps

Fort Leonard Wood Continues Work on State-of-the-Art CBRN WMD Response Training Facility

Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement)

349th Chemical Company Conducts Domestic CBRN Decontamination Exercise

2006 Writing Contest

Hellfire Chapter of the Chemical Corps Regimental Association

2007 Army Deployment Excellence Award Competition

2006 Army Deployment Excellence Award Program Winners

Lineage and Honors-87th Chemical Mortar Battalion

Reserve Update

Dragon's Peak Competition Highlights Chemical Corps Regimental Week

Sibert Award Winners

Officers Explore Lewis and Clark Expedition

Book Reviews


The information contained in paragraph fourteen of "The 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion: Devotion to Duty" article in our July–December 2005 issue should have been credited to Dave Kaufman, "86th Chemical Mortar Battalion," The Trading Post, Winter (January–March) 1996, p. 11.

MG (Ret.) Ralph G. Wooten was erroneously identified as MSG on page 51 of our January–June 2006 issue.