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 January-June 2006 (PB 3-06-1)

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Army and Chemical Corps Transformation

CCRA 2005 Writing Contest Winners

The Chemical Corps in Action: Meeting the Challenges of the Contemporary Operational Environment

Site Exploitation and the Chemical Corps' Future

The Chemical Corps' Expanding Roles

A Glimpse Into the Future: The Artful Planning and Use of CBRN Information

Radiological Operations on the Modern Battlefield

Retorts and Dragons: The Creation of the Chemical Branch Insignia

Iron Fury Exercise Tests NCO Knowledge

Inculcating the Warrior Ethos

A Modest Proposal: Shatter the Retorts, Defuse the Bomb, and Stabilize the Atom!

Transforming Decontamination Doctrine: The Value-Added Effect of Decontamination Operations

Nerve Gas—America's Fifteen-Year Struggle for Modern Chemical Weapons

Cutting Edge Techniques for Conducting Chemical Lane Training Exercises

Soldier Deploys to Pakistan for Earthquake Relief Mission

Directorate of Environmental Integration Provides Support to the War Effort

Wash Rack Operations: The Use of Unit Decontamination Assets to Enhance Vehicle PMCS



Chief of Chemical

Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Regimental Week Agenda

CCRA Scholarship Program

Doctrine Update

Museum Director Retires

2005 Order of the Dragon Program Inductees

2006 Nominations for the Hall of Fame and Distinguished Member of the Corps Honors

86th Chemical Mortar Battalion Association Reunion

Book Reviews