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 April 2004 (PB 3-04-1)

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Department of Defense Response Capabilities for CBRNE Consequence Management

The Dragon's Challenge

Romanians Get "Perfect 10" for Coalition NBC Performance

Responding to Armageddon: The National Guard Bureau Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams

The U.S. Army Chemical Corps―An Expansion in Skills and Equipment is Needed to Supply Response to TIM/HAZMAT Release Incidents

Science and Technology in a Dynamic CBRN Landscape

American Gas Masks for American Soldiers―Gas Mask Production in the World Wars

Ricin Toxin: A Military History

"We Did Not Feel We Were Heroes"―The 81st Chemical Mortar Battalion (Motorized) on Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944

Quality Assurance Feedback Program

The Changing Face of Biological Warfare Defense


Chief of Chemical

Regimental Command Sergeant Major

Soldier Safety―Motorcycle Rider Risk Management

Soldier Safety―Wearing Synthetic Fiber Underwear Under the Nomex® CVC Uniform

Book Reviews