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United States Army Chemical Corps Museum

Mission Statement:
Since its inception in 1918, the Chemical Corps has been the nation's protective force against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats. The U.S. Army Chemical Corps Museum serves as the repository for artifacts and related material to preserve the history and heritage of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. A self-guided tour of the 9,000+ square foot museum offers full-size immersion dioramas, audio and video programs, and exhibit cases housing some of the 6,500 artifacts in the collection. Visitors can see protective equipment for Soldiers, civilians, and animals, as well as examples of chemical weapons and munitions, dating from World War I to the present.

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Welcome to the US Army Chemical Corps Museum.

The Museum was established after the First World War to preserve the cultural heritage of the then Chemical Warfare Service. Originally located at Edgewood Arsenal, MD, the Museum has followed the US Army Chemical School to Fort McClellan, AL, and is now located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

The Museum has a collection of about 6,000 artifacts pertaining to the history of chemical, biological, and radiological warfare. It also has many historical documents and hundreds of photographs.