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United States Army Chemical Corps Museum



History of the Army's Protective Mask (9MB)

History of Decontamination (6.5MB)

History of Detectors & Alarms (4.9MB)

Museum Pamphlet C. 1950 (26MB)

History of Fallout Prediction (1.5MB)

Toxicology of Fire (7MB)

Civil War CBW (0.9MB)







AEF Gas Manuals (1919)

Part 1 - Tactical Employment of Gases (3.6MB)

Part 2 - Use of Gas by the Artillery (9.2MB)

Part 3 - Use of Gas by Gas Troops (25MB)

Part 4 - Use of Gas by the Infantry (7.8MB)

Part 5 - Use of Gas by the Air Service (3.5MB)

Part 6 - Defense Against Gas (27MB)