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Sergeant William Wyrick

Army Commodation Medal with V-device for valor earned by Sergeant William Wyrick.

Army Commodation Medal with V-device for valor earned by Sergeant William Wyrick.








In the spring of 1970, the 554th Engineer Battalion was improving Vietnamese Highway QL-13. To support this mission, the Companies of the 554th Engineers operated from a series of outposts along QL-13. In the early morning hours of March 31st, the Enemy attacked one of these outposts; Fire Support Base Thunder III. During that attack, Sergeant Wyrick earned the Army Commodation Medal with V-device and the Purple Heart Medal.

His citation states, “At approximately 0205 hours on 31 Mar 1970, the base came under attack by enemy rocket and mortar fire in conjunction with a ground attack which breached the perimeter. Enemy forces managed to penetrate the outer defenses perimeter at two points. Satchel charges were thrown into numerous bunkers and emplaced on various pieces of equipment and above ground structures. Explosions occurred igniting fires in many bunkers and hurling shrapnel and debris throughout the area, inflicting many casualties and making it extremely hazardous to be exposed. Sergeant Wyrick rallied personnel to defensive positions to prevent further penetrations. The protective fire established precluded further casualties and enabled the effective evacuation of those who were wounded. He displayed exceptional courage and allowed little regard for his own life. Sergeant William C. Wyrick's devotion above and beyond the call of duty was in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army.”



Sergeant William Wyrick in Vietnam.


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