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Combat Engineer Mine Detection Dog Teams:

CEMDD teams are comprised of a trained handler and a trained Mine Dection Dog. A handler attends a 20-week MDD course, located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Upon graduation, a handler is fully acquainted with the MDD's aptitudes, moods, and behaviors under a variety of environmental conditions and is able to advise commanders on how the MDD team can support the mission requirement, and how the CEMDD team can best be employed The primary mission of a CEMDD team is to support infantry, combat engineer, and Army force units in tactical operations against hostile forces by detecting and warning of land mines, unexploded ordnance, and other casualty producing devices. CEMDD teams are a valuable asset that can be deployed worldwide in support of offensive, defensive, stability, and authorized civil support missions (such as range clearance). CDMDD teams are capable of performing area clearance, delineation of minefield boundaries, route clearance, clearance verification (including the proofing of cleared areas behind manual or mechanical mine clearance), railway clearance, minefield extraction, creation of safe lanes for clearance start points, and search pockets of land that are unreachable by mechanical clearance devices.

Engineer Dog Facts:

  • Not attack trained
  • Bold but not aggressive, steady under gunfire
  • Sensitive - not distracted by other covering scents
  • Able to operate in real time
  • Able to reduce manpower and increase search speed
  • Able to work in most weather conditions
  • When deployed correctly, can and will minimize the risk to life of friendly force personnel
  • Have a proven track record to locate explosive hazards
  • Can be used when other forms of detection fail


Mine Detection Dogs:

Mine Detection Dog and Handler

Trained for the military operational environment to find landmines, UXOs, and other casualty producing devices during a variety of missions:

Area Clearance
- Route Clearance
- Minefield Extraction
- Leading Combat Patrols

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Specialized Search Dogs:

Specialized Search Dog and Handler

Trained for the military operational environment to find firearms, ammunition, and explosives in both rural and urban environments during a variety of missions:


- Route Search
- Area Search
- Building Search
- Vehicle Search

Course Information


Combat Engineer Mine Detection Dog Handler Course Fact Sheet is available by clicking here. For the direct course information link on ATRRS click here. (DoD members only)