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Welcome to the 554th Engineer Battalion


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Delta Company, 554th Engineer Battalion conducts joint 91L/1341, Advanced Individual Training to transform volunteers into technically and tactically competent Construction Equipment Repairers; Soldiers and Marines; Conducts and supports Inter-Service Horizontal Construction Engineer training(12N); Quarry training (12G); Asphalt and Concrete training (12V), in order to provide skilled, combat ready engineers to the force who are ready to support the Army in full-spectrum operations. Delta Company also maintains administrative oversight of the 554th Engineer Battalion Headquarters Staff.


Advanced Indvidual Training:
91L Construction Equipment Repairer
12G Quarrying Specialist
12N Horizontal Construction Engineer
12V Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator
C4 ASI Crane Operator Training



PHONE:  (573) 596-0131 ext 63600

ADDRESS:  D Co. 554th Eng.Battalion
1015 Big Piney Road
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473



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