FY 15 Annual Program Request

The Fort Leonard Wood Internal Review Office requests your review suggestions for our annual program.  You may suggest a review of any known or suspected problem areas.  We concentrate on providing services to address specific time sensitive critical issues through Quick Response Reviews, Limited Scope Reviews, and Consulting and Advisory Services.  We do reviews for economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of selected programs.  We also perform attestation engagements to review historical performance or conditions, analyze or review systems and processes.  In order to ensure our audits help Fort Leonard Wood meet its goals and objectives, we tie all of our audits to the Strategic Plan.  We evaluate each audit based on the risk associated with the area and the impact on the goals and objectives in the plan.

Please provide the following information to suggest a review:

POC Name
Phone No.
Brief Description of Review/Concern
Required Time Frame
(Does the review have to be completed at a certain time?)
Anticipated Benefits

Describe the risk associated with the review
(What desired outcome may not occur.)


Is the review linked to the command's strategic objectives?


Yes         No
Other Comments

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