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Navy personnel reporting as an instructor or staff member to CSFE,   Building 1750 on Cooley Avenue, in Specker Compound.  If reporting aboard on weekends or holidays, contact duty personnel at (573)-596-0488.  

To check into temporary lodging or barracks assignments the service member should proceed to the Family Housing Branch in the Army Community Center, Building 470.  For more information on temporary lodging call (573)-596-0959, (573)-596-0999 or 1-800-677-8356. 

For detailed information on permanent family housing call (573)-596-0965.    

For more information about Naval assignments at Fort Leonard Wood, write to:

Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering Detachment
1750 Cooley Ave
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8962

The U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood Newcomers Page has considerable information about the local area, schools, housing areas and medical services. 

Click here to see the Fort Leonard Wood Newcomers Page.


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