Reporting In

If you are reporting in here’s what you need to do:

1. Get off I-44 at exit 161, turn onto SPUR (business) 44 and follow the signs straight to Ft Leonard Wood (see map below). It is not recommended to attempt a route through Arkansas and the South Gate.

2. All soldiers reporting to Ft Leonard Wood (including those that plan to stay on leave) will stop at the Dillard Hall, Community Service Center, Building 470.  Your DA 31 Permissive TDY (PTDY) must be stamped and signed by the FLW Housing Referral Office on the date your PTDY begins.  Failure to have this done may result in the entire period being charged to you as regular leave (ref: AR 600-8-10, Leaves and Passes, para 5-32F(11).

3. Soldiers requesting Permissive TDY for house hunting will  report directly to the Housing Referral Office (HRO) in Building 470, Room 1218, 0800-1630 with PTDY approved on DA-31 signed by the first LTC in your chain. The FLW HRO is the final approving authority for all PTDY requests.

4. Signing into Ft. Leonard Wood and "Day One Inprocessing", immediately upon arrival, applicable to all:

a. Sign In/Inprocessing Brief 0730 daily. Soldiers arriving after 0730 brief will be serviced at 0730 the following day.

-Soldiers will sign in at In/Out Processing, Building 470, Room 2118. PCS Leave will end.

-During sign-in, soldiers will be given a FLW Inprocessing Checklist, their SGLV and Deers information will be updated, endorsements to orders will be done and their unit sponsor will be notified of their arrival.

-Soldiers reporting after 1630 can be signed in off of leave (DA31) by the Post SDNCO lacated in Bldg 3200, Hoge Hall, Rm 110, 573-563-6126

                    b. Report to Housing and Referral Office (Building 470, Room 1218, 0800-1600)

-Here, soldiers will be issued quarters, placed on housing list or assisted in off-post house hunting. Soldiers will not be issued quarters until they have signed in to FLW.

                    c. Finance Inprocessing Briefing (Building 470, Room 2223) 1300 hours each workday (except training holidays).

-Soldiers must sign into FLW prior to attending Finance briefing.                                                        

-Late arrivals will not be honored and will be instructed to attend the next scheduled briefing.     

-Occasional changes in room number will occur.  A notice will normally be posted in advance on the door of Room 2223 to inform personnel of the change.                               

-One-on-one, individual, inprocessing for senior command staff members should be arranged with the Chief, Customer Service, or the Defense Military Pay Officer.                            

-Soldiers will complete PCS travel vouchers, recertify BAH entitlement, and receive instructions for submitting Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) claims.                                                

                    d. Transportation (Building 470, Room 1205, 0730-1630)

-Normally takes place immediately after housing acceptance. If soldiers opt to search for housing off-post, please inform transportation so that HHG’s can be put in temporary storage.

e. Anytime after completing Day One Inprocessing (5a-d above), soldiers may sign out on ordinary leave (2nd DA 31) at the discretion of their unit, and complete their remaining inprocessing requirements after signing in from ordinary leave.

f. " Inprocessing Day Two through Day Six", soldiers will complete remaining items on checklist, attend appropriate inprocessing classes, and perform unit level inprocessing.


See Map below to get from I-44 to Fort Leonard Wood Front Gate.


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