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in order to process your Travel Voucher, DD 1351-2, in a timely manner, do the following:
  • Make sure you sign and date your voucher (Sign and date block 20a & b of DD 1351-2)
  • Make sure the Reviewer signs and dates your voucher (Sign and date lock 20d & f of DD 1351-2)
  • Submit copies of your Travel Orders (all pages - front and back)
  • Provide copies of your Amendments/Manifests (if applicable)
  • Complete Itinerary and Travelers Personal Information (Blocks 1 - 7 and 15 a-f of DD 1351-2)

Note: Failure to provide the above requested information, will result in payment being delayed or voucher being return unpaid .


TDY Submission Points of Contact

Normal TDY & Deployments

All AC on TDY or TCS orders. Also applies to civilians traveling in support of AC.


Fax Number

(317) 275-0329


Mailing Address


ATTN: Travel

325 Brooks Road

Rome, NY 13441

Active Duty Advances

POC info applies to all customers regardless of component



(317) 275-0330



ATTN: Travel Advances

325 Brooks Road

Rome, NY 13441


Customer Service Telephone Numbers: Toll Free: 1-888-332-7366 or Commercial: (317) 510-0300 or DSN: 699-0300

Option # 1 for Travel Pay, then Option 1: Claim Receipt Inquiries or Option 2: Customer Service





Travel Advance Form

Travel Voucher - DD 1351-2

Advance Travel Payment FAQ

Traveler Checklist for TDY


Alert! Here are 10 Common Errors That Can Stop Your Claim From Being Paid:
1.  EFT / Direct Deposit Information is not included with claim
 2.  Personal information is not accurate or incomplete on DD Form 1351-2 (blocks 1-14).
 3.  Incomplete itinerary (block 15) on DD Form 1351-2.
 4.  Missing traveler's official signatures/dates (blocks 20 a & b) on DD Form 1351-2.
 5.  Missing Reviewer/Approving Official signatures/dates (blocks 20 c & d) on DD Form 1351-2.
 6.  Missing orders (DD Form 1614) and / or any and all amendments.
 7.  Order, DD Form 1614, or amendments are incorrect or incomplete.
 8.  Missing supporting documentation such as receipts for lodging or any expense of $75.00 or more.
 9.  Missing or improperly completed DD Form 2912 for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses claim.
10. Missing or improperly completed certification statement with Miscellaneous Expense Allowance claim.

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