Major Functions of G-8


Program/Budget Division
Managerial Accounting Division
Manpower and Management Division

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Principle Advisor/Educator on G-8


Program/Budget Division



Principle Advisor/Educator on G-8


Program/Budget Division

Direct and coordinate Budget Programming and Execution.

Serves as Chairperson of the working Program Resource Advisory Committee (PRAC).

Provides budget status of funds and other briefings to the Command Group.

Distributes annual funding programs and quarterly allowances to program directors and inputs into financial systems.

Provides program director support for all assigned activities.

Serves as advisor on all budget matters to supported activities.

Administers the financial management of the International Military Education and Training (IMET) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

Responsible for providing TRADOC with financial status reports on contingencies and other operations.

Develops reimbursement cost for ISSA customers, initiates reimbursement earnings, and ensures all earnings are properly costed within appropriate Army management accounts.

Analyzes installation's training workload execution, i.e., BT, OSUT, AIT, and GST, ensuring execution is consistent with financial levels.

Managerial Accounting Division        

Interprets financial management policy and provides guidance to staff elements, to include publishing installation financial management directives and procedures.

Identifies, monitors, and reports trends in financial management systems and installation program performance. Recommends needed changes and improvements.

Reviews unliquidated obligations, unmatched disbursements, and reimbursable orders.   Performs reviews as required.

Certifies availability of prior year funds for installation.

Provides liaison services with activity directors and external auditors as required. Performs as liaison between installation and Defense Finance and Accounting Services multiple G-8 and locations.

Manages the execution of the Government travel card program.

Acts as installation proponent for the implementation and interpretation of new financial systems and concepts.

Provides functional support to the database commitment accounting system and other financial systems.

Provides a customer service representative (CSR) to handle civilian pay issues.

Manpower & Management Division

Acquisition Management Oversight for Contracted Services (formerly known as Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services (CAAS)).

Support for realignment actions, special studies including Six Sigma and cost analyses.

Management consulting services to managers.

Managers’ Internal Control (MIC) program (IAW AR 11-2).

Tables of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) ICW Mission Schools/Activities (includes manpower and equipment).

Mission POC for development/submission of Concept Plans and Stationing Actions.

Manpower/Force Management services.

Management analysis support for special task force study groups.

Mission POC for Manpower Assessments and Equipment Surveys.

FLW Regulation 10-1, Organization and Functions.

Competitive Sourcing/Commercial Activities (A-76) Program


Planning, Analysis & Evaluation Division


Provides staff surveillance and assistance on long-range resource planning processes and programs.

Serves as quick reaction analysis team for CG directed taskers involving resources.

Evaluates resource programs and trends in missions, technology, manpower and fiscal resources and other factors influencing future needs.

Identifies new and emerging resource management issues and coordinates and/or develops recommended solutions.

Serves as the resource planning and programming liaison and point of interface for manpower, budget, management studies and acquisition management and oversight actions.

Provides advice on effective and economical management planning, development, documentation and implementation of long-range resource planning and programming.

Develops, coordinates and staffs submission of the Program Objective Memorandum (POM).

Reviews and validates Training Resource Arbitration Panel (TRAP) requirements and processes related resourcing needs.

Conducts and/or participates in special studies, including but not limited to, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), Stationing/Restationing, and Interservice Training Review Organization (ITRO).