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3-1.  Manpower and Management Division.

a.  Provides center-level support for functions such as Acquisition Management and Oversight (AMO); Managers' Internal Control Program; Insourcing; Cost Analysis; Six Sigma initiatives; Organizations and Functions (FLW Reg 10-1); personnel and equipment documentation in Tables of Distribution and Allowances (TDAs); manpower staffing standards and models; manpower and force analysis; development/submission of Maneuver Support concept plans; input to stationing actions (AR5-10 packages); and management analysis in support of special projects and taskings.

b.  Manpower and Management Division's current organization is shown below in Figure 3-1.

Figure 3-1


c.  Managers' Internal Control Program - We are required by the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act of 1982 to establish, evaluate, maintain, and report annually the status of management controls. Guidance and procedures for the Army’s execution of the Management Control process are prescribed in Army Regulation 11-2.

(1) Structure and Responsibilities – 

Assessable Unit (AU) Managers - The Chief of Staff; brigade and academy commanders, and school department heads are AU managers responsible for ensuring the MC process is effectively executed at Fort Leonard Wood. They determine how and when to conduct evaluations in their area of responsibility. They also submit an Annual Statement of Assurance to the Commanding General to describe how they supported the management control process during the Fiscal Year.

Functional Managers - All other commanders and directors are functional mangers responsible for assisting the AU mangers with the evaluation process.

Annual Statement of Assurance - Our consolidated Annual Statement of Assurance signed by the Commanding General is submitted to TRADOC annually in late July or early August. The statement reflects the status of management controls at FLW and discusses any material weaknesses requiring the attention of TRADOC for resolution or information.

d.  Management Studies/Consulting: Under the purview of AR 5-4, the we provide assistance to commanders and directors in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. This is accomplished in the form of:

(1) Consulting - Solve managerial problems and maximize economic opportunities by systematic analysis of facts and application of objective judgment.

(2) Advisory services - Help diagnose and analyze functional problems involving mission, goals, policies, strategies, organization or operating methods/procedures. Provide practical solutions to problems as improvements, recommendations and assist in implementing improvements.

(3) Management studies - Systematic review of policies, organizational structures, systems, techniques, procedures or methods aimed at improving productivity and/or saving funds. The scope may include all or part of an organization. They also assist in implementing study recommendations.