Emergency Operations Center

Mission Statement


Conduct command and control activities during natural and manmade crisis events to ensure the continuity of Fort Leonard Wood's ability to perform its assigned mission, minimize injury and suffering, and to prevent loss of life and damage to property.  Support all forces at required readiness levels and training.  Plan, exercise and train the force to secure and defend the installation against outside destructive forces.  Prepare for and support natural and/or manmade emergencies.


Emergency Operations Center (573) 563-4045  DSN 676-XXXX


(573) 563-7135

     OPSEC Officer (573) 563-5606  
     Plans and Operations (573) 563-7138

     Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives       (CBRNE) Specialist

(573) 563-7909
     Readiness (573) 563-6124
     SNAIR NCOIC (573) 563-7137
     MANSCEN Staff Duty Office (573) 563-6126/6127