Strategic Imperatives (LOEs)
● Leverage stakeholder
● Execute expeditionay focused
● Balance tactical and technical
● Embody the Army Profession
   of Arms (All)
● Develop leaders (Cadre)

Organizational Values
● Soldiers are Your Legacy
● Trust and Respect are
   Earned, Not Given
● Phasing has a Purpose,
   Influence is Your Method
● We are Disciplined, Adaptive,
● Seek Balance: Family First,
   Army Always
● We Believe in the Heritage
   and Traditions of Our Army

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Toxic Training Scenerios

Basic Battlefield CBRN Defense

     Instructor led; lock step approach.

     Skill reinforcement for Detection, Identification, Decontamination of nerve agent using Army tactical equipment; and drinking water from canteen through mask.

Advanced CBRN Defense Skills ‐ SSA/SE

     Student led with advance mission planning.

     Skill reinforcement of Detection, Identification, Decontamination, Sampling, Packaging using Army tactical and Commercial equipment. Utilizes clandestine laboratories, storage & containerization area containing nerve, bio, and radiological materials.

Level A CBRN Defense Skills ‐ SSA/SE

     Relevance and realism to counter the entire range of CBRN threats.

     Soldiers or Joint Service personnel are in fully encapsulated chemical protective gear with 60 minutes of air using positive pressure face masks and integrated communications equipment.

     Level A training is integrated into select CBRNS professional military education courses and is available for ARNG Civil Support Teams as well as deployable CBRN defense units chartered with Hazard Response missions.

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