Strategic Imperatives (LOEs)
● Leverage stakeholder
● Execute expeditionay focused
● Balance tactical and technical
● Embody the Army Profession
   of Arms (All)
● Develop leaders (Cadre)

Organizational Values
● Soldiers are Your Legacy
● Trust and Respect are
   Earned, Not Given
● Phasing has a Purpose,
   Influence is Your Method
● We are Disciplined, Adaptive,
● Seek Balance: Family First,
   Army Always
● We Believe in the Heritage
   and Traditions of Our Army

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CDTF Customers

CBRNS Courses

                                                         ⚫ 74D AIT
                                                         ⚫ 74D Advanced Leader's Course
                                                         ⚫ 74D Senior Leader's Course
                                                         ⚫ Chemical TASS Battalion
                                                         ⚫ Chemical Warrant Officer Basic Course
                                                         ⚫ Chemical Basic Officer Leader Course
                                                         ⚫ Chemical Captain's Career Course
                                                         ⚫ Civil Support Skills Course

Collective Training

                                                         ⚫ 20th CBRNE Command Operational Units
                                                         ⚫ Special Operations Forces
                                                         ⚫ 74D Senior Leader's Course
                                                         ⚫ ARNG WMD Civil Support Teams
                                                         ⚫ Joint Operational Units

Joint Customer Training Support

                                                         ⚫ US Navy Disaster Preparedness Operational Specialist
                                                         ⚫ US Navy Shipboard CBR Defense Specialist
                                                         ⚫ US Air Force Emergency Management Apprentice
                                                         ⚫ US Air Force Emergency Management Craftsman
                                                         ⚫ US Marine Corps CBRN Defense Basic Course
                                                         ⚫ US Marine Corps CBRN Defense Warrant Officer Basic

International/Allied Training Support

                                                         ⚫ Allies attending Captain's Career Course
                                                         ⚫ German Army and Air Force
                                                         ⚫ Joint NBC Defense School, Holland

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