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● Leverage stakeholder
● Execute expeditionay focused
● Balance tactical and technical
● Embody the Army Profession
   of Arms (All)
● Develop leaders (Cadre)

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● Soldiers are Your Legacy
● Trust and Respect are
   Earned, Not Given
● Phasing has a Purpose,
   Influence is Your Method
● We are Disciplined, Adaptive,
● Seek Balance: Family First,
   Army Always
● We Believe in the Heritage
   and Traditions of Our Army

E.F. Bullene CBRN Defense Training Facility


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Mr. Daniel S. Murray

Conduct live CBRN defense training in a toxic CBRN agent environment for Army, Joint, and allied service members to enhance individual and collective proficiency and confidence in themselves and their equipment; conduct chemical surety operations.

E.F. Bullene CBRN Defense Training Facility
The E.F. Bullene CBRN Defense Training Facility is a one of a kind in DOD; fully contained indoor climate controlled negative air-pressure facility with visitor observation area.
One of only 2 GB/VX production sites in the United States; employs use of biological agent Bacillus globigii (BG), and radiation source Cesium 137.
Train up to 5 groups of 10 soldiers per bay utilizing eight training bays (50 per day).
Training scenario development able to meet customer needs; Defensive skill reinforcement (detection, identification, sampling, packaging, decontamination, hydration, MOPP Exchange, buddy-aid) using US protective equipment (JSLIST & M40/M50 mask fitted using M41 Protective Assessment Test System, Level A).
On-site fully staffed medical clinic for pre-and post-training health screening and emergency response.
Facility and training operations certified for safety and security by US Army TRADOC and the Department of the Army Safety Office, the Office of the Surgeon General, and the Department of the Army Inspector General.

The premier venue, operating in full compliance with US and DOD safety and security standards, recognized nationally and internationally as the best in the world in providing the most realistic and relevant toxic CBRN defense training to US and allied military partners.

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Contact Information
Building 5100                                            573-596-0608
FLW 5                                            DSN: 581-0608
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473                                            Fax: 573-596-0548

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