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Leadership- While every Cornerstone is essential to our individual and unit success, I firmly believe that Leadership is the most important and serves as the first “Foundational Stone” which all others are oriented off of and depend on. Without quality Leadership the entire Cornerstone foundation of the Battalion will crumble.  Quality leadership is derived from the hard earned trust that bonds leaders and followers together.  Soldiers must trust that their leaders genuinely care for them and their Families and that they will make decisions and act in their best interest.  Similarly, leaders must trust that the Soldiers they lead are committed to the good of the unit, their own Family and their fellow Soldiers.  This mutual trust is not given based on rank or position-it is earned through a sincere commitment to selfless service, proven professional competence and the proven strength of one’s character.

Discipline- Do the right thing, whether told to or not, regardless of who is watching, simply because it is the right thing to do. Discipline means putting forth your best effort everyday to exceed and enforce established standards and never quitting on yourself or those who depend on you. Discipline is always maintaining the “high ground” of strong moral and ethical standards and self-control.  Choose to be selfless and remember that a person’s character is judged by how they act or respond under adversity.

Fitness- Fitness is much more than scoring above a 290 on the PT Test.  Comprehensive Fitness requires a strong mind, body and spirit.  We owe it to ourselves, our Families and our Army to improve each day in all of these areas.  Intellectually, we must challenge ourselves to become experts in our jobs and to learn more about ourselves, our Families and the World around us.  Physically we must ensure PT is challenging and rewarding and we must practice moderation in our diet and vices.  Strong minds and bodies can only be sustained through a strong emotional and spiritual base.  Whether derived through religious faith or other support systems, our emotional and spiritual strength helps us dig deep when we don’t know how to go on- it ensures we will “Never Quit.”

Pride- A well-led unit with disciplined and fit Soldiers will have a healthy pride in themselves and their unit.  If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  Be proud to put your name on everything you do.  Think about the legacy you want to leave for your unit and your Family and act accordingly-be willing and able to take responsibility for all of your actions.

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