Information for New Soldiers and Their Families


Fort Leonard Wood's Reception Battalion is where you begin your transformation from civilian to Army soldier. You'll live in vintage Army barracks, eat in an award winning Army dining facility, and start learning the Army way.

Your stay at the Reception Battalion is normally a "brief" four days, but this crucial 96 hours creates the foundation for your future Army career. In Grant Hall (the 43d AG Reception Station), you will process through 18 different stations under the control of seasoned Reception NCOs and Drill Sergeants. During this time, the military records that will follow you throughout your Army career, including medical, financial and personnel records will be established.

It is important that you understand all documents that you sign and issues that you are briefed on during these few days. Read each document carefully and ask your interviewer any questions you might have.

The Reception Battalion processing is a period of adjustment for new soldiers. But as we like to say, "30,000 new soldiers do this every year without a problem - so can you!" Time is often in short supply, and being at the right place at the right time is crucial, so listen to your training cadre. They will treat you with dignity and respect, but remember that it is a two way street! Above all maintain a positive attitude and before you know it you will be fully inprocessed into the United States Army.

Your Reception Battalion processing includes:

  • Smart Card issue ($250 males & $300 females)
  • General orientation
  • Uniform issue and fitting
  • Personnel records processing
  • Identification (ID) card  and PIN issue
  • Eye and dental check, hearing test
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Initial Pay
  • Testing
  • Security Interviews
  • Moment of Truth Briefing
  • Post Exchange to purchase missing required items

During your first few minutes at the Reception Battalion, you are given the opportunity to get rid of any UNAUTHORIZED or PROHIBITED items. These items should not be brought with you, but if you make a mistake and bring the item, the amnesty booth is the place to get rid of it without penalty. These items include:


Do not bring these items


Put them in the
Amnesty Box


Do not bring these items


Turn them in for
safe keeping:

1. Weapons

2. Drugs and Narcotics

3. Alcoholic Beverages and Empty Containers

4.Counterfeit plates & Counterfeit Money

5. Tobacco Products

6. Food and Candy Items

7. Obscene, Pornographic and Suggestive Items or Materials

8. Knives Longer than 2 and 1/2"

9. Gambling Devices, including Cards and Dice

10. Scented lotions, cologne & perfume

11. Magazines

1. High Dollar Value or Sentimental Items

These items should be retained:

1. Prescription Drugs

2. Non Prescription Medications that a Physician has directed you to take

3. Hats and Clothes

4. Personal Hygiene Items

5.  Electronic items (cell phones, iPOD, MP3, etc.)

As a new soldier, you will be very busy for the first few days. 18 stations in 96 hours is fast paced movement. During this period you will have some slow time while you wait for your "battle buddy" to complete his/her station. It is important that you start to study your SMART BOOK and learn the basics of rank structure, General and Special Orders, drill and ceremonies, and other necessary basic Army subjects. These subjects will give you a head start on Basic Training and may impress your future drill sergeant!

You will be afforded a trip to the Post Exchange (PX) where you can purchase any "required" items that you may need. The PX at Grant Hall is well stocked with all the necessary items for basic training including proper running shoes, locks, hygiene items, and phone cards. Don't worry about bringing lots of money to pay for these items. You are issued a Smart Card which is much like a government debit card and you will be allowed to purchase "necessary" items for Basic Training. Be careful not to overspend, because this card must last you into Basic Training as well!

Pay telephones are provided at the Company Billeting Area and you are afforded the opportunity to make calls. You will be given the opportunity to call home within 24 hours of arrival to the 43d Adjutant General Battalion (Reception).