Required Documents

All important personal documents (check with your Recruiter)including:

Childhood and adolescent immunization records if available

Government-issued photo ID card

Required prescription medications (in original pharmacy container) and/or a doctor's prescription

If you have family members you will need to bring the following documents for verification to complete an application for their identification card, enter them into the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), start Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Family Separation Allowance (FSA):

Recorded Marriage Certificate.

The marriage certificate must be recorded at the County Recorder or Deeds Office to be a legal document. Most marriage certificates have the marriage book number, page number, and the date the certificate was file.

A copy can be requested from the County Clerk’s office.

State certified birth certificates for children.

Hospital records are NOT legal documents for children.

State birth certificates from the Department of Health are the legal documents we need to verify for DEERS.

Copies may be requested from the State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics for a small charge.

Divorce Decrees.

If you or your spouse have been divorced, you will need copies of all divorce decrees.

All divorce decrees must be a legal document from the court and signed by the judge.

Death Certificate.

If your or your spouse was previously married and the former spouse is deceased, then we must see the death certificate.

Court Ordered Paternity.

For enrollment into DEERS, fathers must submit a legal document signed by the judge that he is the blood-father of said child.


Not to exceed $50 in cash, Traveler's Checks, or money orders

Checkbook and/or ATM card with access to direct deposit account for military pay