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School: 031     Course: 920-F15 (CT)     4 Weeks 0 Days

Course Scope:


Focuses on providing the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and respond to a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) incident, as part of the state emergency management response system. This course is specifically designed to provide selected personnel with training in the operator level use and the working knowledge of the technical and tactical skills necessary to accomplish missions in the Unified Command Suite (UCS) or Advanced Echelon (ADVON) as a Civil Support Team (CST) UCS operator or team chief. Hands-on training is used extensively to ensure soldiers master the requisite skills. Upon completion, students will be able to operate a variety of specialized equipment in order to maintain communication with other federal entities.



This course is scheduled thru ATRRS. For more information on the course, contact the

Administrative Assistant, Incident Response Training Department, 573-596-1308.

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